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Let’s face it: for today’s shippers, compliance and payment services just aren’t enough. Shippers need (and expect) much more. Whether it’s real insight into their spend data for better decision making, robust monitoring and visibility to measure activity and carrier performance, or coverage of all modes across the globe, shippers are looking for capabilities that deliver better visibility, better savings and better control over their transportation spend – SEE, SAVE, CONTROL.

Veraction Inbound Supplier Compliance Solution Helps Wireless Provider Connect to Savings

Compliance Solution Helps Wireless Provider Connect to Savings

Savings of 15% by replacing manual order processes with real-time interaction to reduce phone calls, voice mail and email.

The Client & the Challenge:

A major U.S. wireless provider had developed a new vendor compliance process to drive product-receipt quality and ensure that all device activation IDs were received from suppliers and validated prior to shipment. While the initiative succeeded in standardizing a data format and pre-approval processes, the manual process for the provider’s inbound receiving team was not designed for single-point scalability. The company approached Veraction for guidance and assistance in:

  • Automating the inbound supplier compliance process through a scalable, cross-functional solution
  • Providing performance metrics for management and support teams
  • Increasing supplier adoption of the new process

The Veraction Solution:

Our team conducted an analysis and quickly implemented the following:

  • Provided web-based, workflow collaboration between suppliers, support teams and management
  • Created a role-based portal for real-time data submission, approval, scheduling and receipt
  • Replaced e-mail and phone with system-provided message boards
  • Included reporting functionality for monitoring compliancy, including historical trending
  • Drove compliance through supplier and procurement-side scorecards
  • Integrated contract compliance for accelerated payment processing
  • Introduced real-time metrics

The Results:

Veraction was able to help the client achieve the following results:

  • 15% savings by replacing manual order processes with real-time interaction to reduces phone calls, voice mail and email
  • 10% improvement in dock scheduling productivity by matching inbound signals with labor management scheduling
  • 10% reduction in warehouse detention through greater clarity on inbound deliveries
  • 2% reduction in inventory carrying costs through streamlined order-to-delivery cycle



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