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Let’s face it: for today’s shippers, compliance and payment services just aren’t enough. Shippers need (and expect) much more. Whether it’s real insight into their spend data for better decision making, robust monitoring and visibility to measure activity and carrier performance, or coverage of all modes across the globe, shippers are looking for capabilities that deliver better visibility, better savings and better control over their transportation spend – SEE, SAVE, CONTROL.

Veraction Reduces Costs and Improves Efficiencies for a Large International Avionics and Information Technology Company

Reduce Costs for a Large International Avionics and Information Technology Company

The Client & the Challenge:

A large international company that provides avionics and information technology systems/services to aircraft manufacturers and governmental agencies engaged Veraction’s Transportation Spend Management team to reduce transportation costs and improve efficiencies across the transportation and financial areas of the company starting with the US sectors, and expanding to Europe, Asia and Latin America.


The Veraction Solution:

Within two months, Veraction suggested and implemented the following:

  • Enhanced the carrier audit using Veraction’s proprietary workflows and technology coupled with domain-rich auditors and analysts to drive incremental savings
  • Automated the allocation of transportation costs to the various business units and sub-units
  • Further automated VAT coding in Europe
  • Improved the disbursement process through improved visibility (accrual management) and automation (ERP integration)
  • Enhanced business intelligence/reporting capabilities

The Results:

Over the past three years, Veraction has achieved the following results:

  • Due to the unique and proactive carrier management approach, whereby invoice discrepancies are resolved with the carrier upstream, Veraction significantly improved carrier compliance
  • The Veraction coding workflow has further reduced manual labor effort by an estimated .2% of overall transportation spend
  • European VAT coding workflow has resulted in an estimated savings of .1% of EMEA transportation spend
  • Dramatic improvements in accrual and budget management including the ability to drive carrier-lane contract compliance and minimize carrier mix to reduce cost without sacrificing service
  • Veraction was awarded the prestigious 2013 Business Services Category Supplier of the Year Award



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