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Transportation Spend Allocation From Veraction:

To gain better control and attain best in class transportation spend management, seeing beyond basic shipment level data is key. Veraction provides a customer-driven and rules-based platform that provides exception resolution, dynamic trace capability and precise allocation—with integration back to customer systems such as ERP.

Flexible, Rules-based Cost Allocation

  • Manage Business Rules Flexibly and Efficiently with Table-Driven Technology
    Businesses are dynamic and change constantly to meet new demands. Veraction’s rules-based cost allocation technology provides a fast and efficient means to create new rules, update tables, and reduce exceptions to keep up with your changing business requirements.

  • Gain a Deeper Understanding of your Transportation Spending with Shipment, PO & SKU Level Allocation
    You cannot manage what you cannot measure. Understanding exactly where your transportation dollars are going is critical. Veraction’s advanced cost allocation solution provides shippers with deep visibility to costs, including supporting total delivered cost at the SKU level.

  • Save Time & Money with New Rule Recommendations
    Our technology is supported by operational oversight that provides new rule recommendations that ensure exceptions are kept relatively low. Veraction’s cost allocation solution provides a flexible way to manage your spend.

Collaborative Exception Management

  • Improve Exception Management with Flexible Search Criteria
    Veraction’s easy to use portal provides authorized users a means to search for exceptions by shipment, invoice, attribute/reference, and several other shipment characteristics. Users can easily review result sets by shipment summary, or choose to drill down into shipment or even charge level detail.

  • Resolve One or Multiple Shipment Exceptions Simultaneously
    Resolving one or more exceptions is made easy using a multi-shipment update capability that allows users to make changes to several shipments at the same time. Immediate feedback ensures specific errors are identified and easily corrected; streamlining the entire cost allocation process.

  • Evaluate Rule Coding History & Effectiveness with Trace Capability
    Business rules change over time, and often become more complex in an attempt to reduce exceptions and improve cost allocation quality—sometimes leaving users confused as to how shipments are being coded. Veraction’s trace utility provides a dynamic trace of all rules used to determine coding values, quickly revealing opportunities for rule improvement or correction.

ERP System Integration

  • Eliminate Posting Errors with GL Element & String Validation
    Prior to sending any final payment advice information, Veraction validates both GL elements as well as the entire GL string to minimize exceptions during the Accounts Payable posting process. Eliminating posting exceptions reduces payment delays and reduces any manual processes that typically occur in processing payables.

  • Integrate Directly with ERP systems and Eliminate Manual Post Processes
    Direct integration with your Accounts Payable platform eliminates manual re-keying, reduces errors, and eliminates payment delays. Veraction’s integration team has successfully and seamlessly interfaced with SAP and Oracle ERPs, as well as many other legacy platforms.

  • Reduce Implementation Timelines
    Veraction’s integration process provides both format and content flexibility to meet your interface requirements. This flexibility reduces costly IT development time and accelerates the implementation cycle. Our integration team ensures all requirements are met and facilitates the testing and production merge process.


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As an integral part of the Total TSM℠ solution, Transportation Spend Allocation from Veraction delivers precise allocation of inbound/outbound costs and activity for greater visibility and control—all while reducing exceptions and processing costs.