Over 100 Years of Proven Expertise Across Freight Audit & Payment… and Beyond.

Veraction Sourcing and Consulting Services combine best-in-class tools with best-in-category expertise. Our technology, multi-modal insights and deep freight audit and payment (FAP) experience helps you SEE your transportation spend better, SAVE at touch points you never considered and CONTROL your transportation costs today, and tomorrow.

Program management. Contract Optimization. “What if…” modeling. Taken separately, each can have a significant impact on overall transportation spend. But taken together with experienced category guidance, you can create a continuously improving program.

That’s what SOURCING & CONSULTING SERVICES from Veraction are all about.

Sourcing – Transportation Contract Optimization Services. Gain. Reveal. Apply.

The influencers that drive many LSP’s crazy actually drive us to succeed. Our granular approach to RFP’s leaves no stone unturned in the quest for savings and efficiency.

  • Gain Long-Term Spending Insights with Predictive Analysis
    A best-in-class RFP process begins with a solid data model that will properly show the current baseline as well as predict carrier mix and spend dynamics for the duration of a contract. Veraction’s proprietary models consider growth, rate increases, carrier mix, freight, fuel, and accessorial influencers, as well as business unit and geographic breakdowns within the model. They can also be used to show service impacts where applicable.

  • Reveal Savings Opportunities through Specific Modal Category Expertise during RFP
    While a solid data model is important to quantify carrier offers and develop strategy, it is equally important to have a modal expert participate in the RFP process. Each mode of transportation has nuanced contractual characteristics that require domain expertise to fully understand services and their respective charges. Modal expertise also provides general industry insight that is important to consider when managing a large spend category.

  • Apply Best-Practices to Gain Competitive Advantage in the RFP Process
    Veraction has developed an RFP process that blends best-practices to carefully support a multi-round bid engagement. We employ a team approach that seamlessly unites project management veterans, modal experts, transportation spend strategists and contract/rate analysts to deliver a broad—yet uniquely focused—range of expertise and oversight throughout the entire RFP process.


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