Over 100 Years of Proven Expertise Across Freight Audit & Payment… and Beyond.

Veraction Sourcing and Consulting Services combine best-in-class tools with best-in-category expertise. Our technology, multi-modal insights and deep freight audit and payment (FAP) experience helps you SEE your transportation spend better, SAVE at touch points you never considered and CONTROL your transportation costs today, and tomorrow.

Program management. Contract Optimization. “What if…” modeling. Taken separately, each can have a significant impact on overall transportation spend. But taken together with experienced category guidance, you can create a continuously improving program.

That’s what SOURCING & CONSULTING SERVICES from Veraction are all about.

Transportation What If Modeling - Model. Maximize. Identify.

Squeezing every drop of value from transportation spend management isn’t just about asking questions. It’s about asking the RIGHT questions across all channels and modes.

  • Discover Greater Efficiencies & Savings via Network Modeling, Design & Optimization
    A successful network optimization requires a baseline representation of the current “as-is” state. This data foundation provides the necessary spend profile to build an advanced, model to estimate impacts due to change in origins/destinations in the network. Veraction’s network modeling services provide insight into transportation cost impacts and service impacts, plus non-transportation impacts like warehousing and inventory carrying costs, local tax, labor, and real estate considerations.

  • Maximize Transportation Spend via Package Optimization / Dimensional Weight Analysis
    Shipping air has become a key focus area of transportation spend management strategy for most shippers. Veraction’s package optimization service combines advanced analytical models with modal expertise that provide insight into optimal package sizes, improved contractual terms related to dimensional weight, and other operational recommendations that would ultimately reduce overall cost / unit weight.

  • Identify Lowest Cost per Shipment & Cost per Weight with Optimized Carrier / Service Mix
    Knowing how to balance the right carrier and service mix to achieve the lowest cost/shipment and/or cost/weight while maintaining the proper delivery commitments is challenging. Veraction can model and forecast all modes of transportation providing the best options to meet objectives while considering constraints like carrier revenue commitments, customer service requirements, and other influencing factors.


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